Thursday, September 10, 2009


The ETHER is going to be a busy place for me for the rest of the year.
I want to re-organize the classes, times, locations....$$money$$?? Ha! It's not easy even with 2 assistants. I may be developing a nice little ulcer now. Sigh. Still, it'll be worth it if it all comes together.

I'm trying to find a FREE template in Egyptian style for diplomas ( & I'll grow wings too ). Have to make new posters, post cards & name cards. Write out the chori for new dances ( because i don't remember what I did ). I'm learning to work with Linux now & I really haven't a clue. I have to redo my site with soft wear that's compatible. Transfer data on memory stick, 'cause I don't trust me not to mess up the whole system by plugging in an external disc. The list of present woes are endless. LoL!

All in all, it keeps my mind ....working. It's a good thing for me, 'cause I can get real comfortable with the covers over my head.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hi every one,
At last, the school I've worked for these past 3yrs.( HK College Of Technology) has done an interview with American Belly Dance Association. We started with House Singers in TST. The students from HKCT performed with me @ the Mediteranian Arts Festival, '07.
Now we work through Rendezvous Arts Center @ Prince Edward Rd, K'ln. The girl in the center is a model brought in for the shoot. Lina is on the right & Fufi (ME) is on the left. You can find more of our work on You Tube. Just search HKCT- HK , or

The interview will be in HK Economic Times Magazine on July 6th. Hope it will be a good one. ;-D
Ha! First I have to find it, & then have it translated. It'll be in Chinese. ;-D
This will be the 2nd interview this year. Our first appeared in Japan belly Dance magazine. Hope my friends in Japan have a chance to read it!

In this clip, we show a bit of the interview & a class.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Not a bad year so far.
We've added a new class. Now we are @ : HKCT - Prince Edward Rd., Loft Stage - Diamond Hill, Pok Oi - Tsing Yi, & Tai Po - Sport Ctr. We hope to get more at home base, but will come later in the year. With luck, another children,s class will be added ;-)

Check out our site in google for more details.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

YAHOO.....Grrrrr !!!!

Here's a good one for you all, & a reason to change to Google.

It's been a year ( at least ) since I've quit YAHOO. A hacker got to my site & changed all of my info. Needless to say I can see what's there, but can't log in or out without losing everything. No site, no business, no contacts.
They have since taken out the phone number where any one can call to complain. Now I can't close the account at all. This means they still take my money under false pretenses. Since the business acct. is on a friend's card, the bank won't cut it unless YAHOO gives the OK. NOW I pay double. Once to my friend, & for the new site.

I do hope YAHOO gets to feel what we very small account holders go through....& soon!

Please pass this on to any one you know who has had this problem with that ..... site.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pok Oi Lunar New Year Show - 09

2009 has gotten off to a nice start with the Pok Oi show. They even asked to keep our banner. Great for me since it's my first try @ this type of design. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to every one who helped me get it together. As well as those who worked so hard with the performance.

The ladies in the blue & red wraps are the Pok Oi students. The girl in the blue pant set is a new addition to the Intermediate class. Of course there's Emily & I'm kitted out in black. We're lucky to get this many on the new year when so many are out of town for the festivities with their families.

Hope you like the clip of the show. This is the first Belly dance show the ladies have performed. I hope they'll continue with us this year, & perform in many shows.