Wednesday, May 20, 2009

YAHOO.....Grrrrr !!!!

Here's a good one for you all, & a reason to change to Google.

It's been a year ( at least ) since I've quit YAHOO. A hacker got to my site & changed all of my info. Needless to say I can see what's there, but can't log in or out without losing everything. No site, no business, no contacts.
They have since taken out the phone number where any one can call to complain. Now I can't close the account at all. This means they still take my money under false pretenses. Since the business acct. is on a friend's card, the bank won't cut it unless YAHOO gives the OK. NOW I pay double. Once to my friend, & for the new site.

I do hope YAHOO gets to feel what we very small account holders go through....& soon!

Please pass this on to any one you know who has had this problem with that ..... site.

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