Tuesday, March 10, 2015


This RUBBISH is hot off the pages of Face Book!!  Give Me Some Feedback On It!!


And here are some of the comments. BRAVA LADIES!!

This dance compliments all ages & sizes, as well as ALL nationalities 


  • Skylar Jewel : My mom has a passion for belly dancing, it makes her feel beautiful & allows her and many woman around the world to self express. The world should be uniting in diversity and culture. This article is something poisonous to share. Why is this article even being shared in the first place, so so very appauling, you should be ashamed of yourself. We are all ONE race - HUMAN BEINGS!

  • Andrea Raven Faucette  : First off please excuse the miss types and mutibale letters in words. I have health issues and my hands shake makiing typing hard from time to time. One reason I don't post many things on here or anywhere for that matter. 
    I wonder what Fifi Abdou woul
    d have to say to this lady about her artical and some of the way she chose to briing her point across. I got an invitatiion to join a friend in class and meet her teacher. I mostly went cause my friend had told me it was a great workout, lots of fun and I really did need to lose a few pounds, imo. But after the cllass and having all the hollywood images of thin, some to thin, women iin exotic costumes floatiing in my head, I told the teacher that I just wasn't sure. I mean come on look at me, thiis fat chick trying to do this was just beyond rediculas. At the time I was pushiing 280 pounds. Jackie the teacher and my friend then intorduced me to some of the footage of Fifi Abdou and some other middle eastern women of some size. I remember watching and being in aw of these ladies, they where Goddesses. And they through there dance changed how I saw myself. I never missed a class after that. I still dance when my health allows me, which isn't near as often as I wish it was. I miss it so much, I miss how this dance form makes me feel about ME! It saddens my heart reading this womans words of hate and discrimination. This "white woman" isn't trying to appropriate anything from another culture. Mearly just trying to celebrate a dance form that makes me feel good. That makes me enjoy my body. And on the rear ocattiion when I do dance infront of people, to teach and show something from a culture that iis rich in history and shoulldn't be lost like so many other things have been lost to history. Anyway, that's why thiis "white woman" Belly Dances. Instead of teariing each other apart, we should be coming together. 
    Anyway, sorry for the rambling. I do have to admit that the pain meds have kiicked in. 

    Happy shimming Ladies.