Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Ungrateful

Well well, here we go again with these ungrateful scheming people. 
I've just been notified by the school I teach for that ONE of the "Ladies" strongly objects to my assistant being in the room. If they knew his nature, there would be no protest. Many come late (including the one in question) so that they see him only ....5 - 10 minutes while we set up. I refuse to haul all my equipment by myself. Perhaps I'll do it all & waste the time out of their pockets. LoL! Then they would complain!
Not only did this person tell students NOT to buy wraps from me. (They are my first assistant's concession in liu of salary), She sold to them herself. Now she threatens to call the police if she sees him again.
Humm..... Perhaps if some weren't skimpily dresses & trying to get his attention, she wouldn't notice him....sitting @ the desk of the studio manager. Or trying to get a private class to accuse me of going behind the studio's & companies back.
Will these wretched females ever stop? Just because I arrange to have another assistant present 
( also from my pocket) when possible to translate, doesn't mean I can't figure out what they are about. I read BODY just fine. And don't forget the mirrors!
It probably bothers her that she can't follow when the same girls she tried to subvert are doing so well. Mind you I make sure those particular individuals understand the steps.
BTW, I can't speak Cantonese, so all the help I get is greatly appreciated. It's a good thing My assistant is...after 20 odd years of knowing still a bit....FEY. Women scare him. I guess to him, I'm just one of the "BOYS"
BTW, this pix is of one of the classes. Not the one in question.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Year Of Love-12-13-14/2/10

Old Hong Kong
A week before, Out with the old, In with the new. Door, gates, & US, new shinny & bright. Everything made ready for better luck in the New Year. The shelves of the stores are empty now. Do we have enough for family & old & new friends to celebrate? Clubs, bars & restaurants, Full on the eve of the day.
Fireworks...Lion Dancers...A fog of incense & prayer cloaks the town. So crowded it takes at least a half hour to walk one block. All transport chock a block . Going to see family who can't come to us.
TVB, ATV...all day festive programs for the day. All your favorite performers reval on the stage...just for YOU. Joy, an uplifting of spirit, & an emptying of wallets for gifts & Laisee. Companionship of family & friends...A new beginning. JOY!

Hong Kong growing into it's future
Colder & wetter than remembered. fireworks that seemed to last forever, now an afterthought. So many channels on TV now. No camaraderie of the major stations to celebrate the Old & the New. Wi-Fi now lets you roam free. No need to sit in a crowded room to try to see the screen. This year with a theme of LOVE for Valentines Day. I've seen more celebration in other years for 2/14. Flowers & candy flowed freely then, & diets were put aside for another time. The young know more NET games than new family members. Will they meet them during summer break? I hope the lions will dance this year. And all the Buddhas are revered. If not here...than where ever we all have gone.
A quiet Beginning...more solemn than i've ever seen it, even out in the new towns.We still spend... fill the red packets....Prepare the food for family & friends. Then exit our borders for more joyous places. is a beginning.