Thursday, September 10, 2009


The ETHER is going to be a busy place for me for the rest of the year.
I want to re-organize the classes, times, locations....$$money$$?? Ha! It's not easy even with 2 assistants. I may be developing a nice little ulcer now. Sigh. Still, it'll be worth it if it all comes together.

I'm trying to find a FREE template in Egyptian style for diplomas ( & I'll grow wings too ). Have to make new posters, post cards & name cards. Write out the chori for new dances ( because i don't remember what I did ). I'm learning to work with Linux now & I really haven't a clue. I have to redo my site with soft wear that's compatible. Transfer data on memory stick, 'cause I don't trust me not to mess up the whole system by plugging in an external disc. The list of present woes are endless. LoL!

All in all, it keeps my mind ....working. It's a good thing for me, 'cause I can get real comfortable with the covers over my head.

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