Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hi every one,
At last, the school I've worked for these past 3yrs.( HK College Of Technology) has done an interview with American Belly Dance Association. We started with House Singers in TST. The students from HKCT performed with me @ the Mediteranian Arts Festival, '07.
Now we work through Rendezvous Arts Center @ Prince Edward Rd, K'ln. The girl in the center is a model brought in for the shoot. Lina is on the right & Fufi (ME) is on the left. You can find more of our work on You Tube. Just search HKCT- HK , or

The interview will be in HK Economic Times Magazine on July 6th. Hope it will be a good one. ;-D
Ha! First I have to find it, & then have it translated. It'll be in Chinese. ;-D
This will be the 2nd interview this year. Our first appeared in Japan belly Dance magazine. Hope my friends in Japan have a chance to read it!

In this clip, we show a bit of the interview & a class.

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