Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Please Check This Out From My Daughter. She's Really getting into this.

HoopYogini Certified Instructor, Venetria Nya Benitez of Hula Roots shares how hula hooping helps her connect with her body, womb and sexuality.http://www.hoopyogini.com/10-ways-hoopyogini-helped-me-connect-to-my-body-womb-sexuality/



Monday, May 15, 2017


Good Morning Divas!

Not a lot going on for me this month. Life naturally slows down... like it or not  😂  My mornings are usually reduced to watching the mountain sceanery. It gets mistier than this at times. We also get Kites bizzing the smaller birds. Just not fast enough to catch the flight. I'd need to have a camera set up full time.

Here's a Clip you may find useful for your outdoor excersise. It's for one of the hardest muscles to Keep Tight.


Until my next post.........

Sunday, April 30, 2017


Greeting Divas!

This in from SHIRA.NET

DANCE TIP: CONNECTING WITH YOUR AUDIENCE. Most of our belly dance practice is done in studios and our homes. In that environment, our gaze naturally reaches only to the nearest wall. Or, worse yet, the gaze focuses on the instructor's hips and feet, which is an even shorter focal point than the wall, plus it draws your eyes downward. So what happens when we perform? Our focus often stays at the distance we're accustomed to practicing - just a few feet in front of us, and maybe even down a bit. It stops short of reaching the audience and connecting with them.
Look for ways to practice where you can see outdoors, and then practice making your gaze reach out to a tree, a flower, a car, or whatever is some distance from you. Practice locking in your focus on that tree, as if it were an audience member. Make your eyes accustomed to connecting with an object (or person) that's at a bit of distance from you.
What you do in practice is what you will naturally do in performance. So look for ways to practice reaching out to your audience.

Sage advice Y'all!

Monday, January 30, 2017


Jackey Chan has really done it ..... As Usual. I wonder how many takes to get this sequence right?  :-D


Tha k you Ruben for the giggle  :-D

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Saturday, December 3, 2016


WoW!  Here we are at years end....again.  It's been a rocky one for me. Mother Nature has declared  that the body needs a holiday....For REAL this time. Just 2 classes per week. Take 1 & teach 1. I'll just have to be happy with Tea dates, Movies, visiting friends. 
     Standard western medicine has made a hash of things for years. I started taking Chinese Herbal Teas. It's been about 5 months & I have seen improvement. I took in a show on sat & had to mountain climbing to get there. HK is very "hilly". Not only were my joints & limbs OK the next day, my breathing was better than usual. By that I mean no extra meds to keep it normal. The formula changes every week, so it's more in tune with what's going on with my body.  That said, I also add tissue salts when needed & supplements. There's just "so much" vitamin C I can take from citrus fruits.
      If the Dr's would put the dry herbs in capsules, I'm sure their popularity would soar.  Some of the concoctions taste so vile  😝 they often have pity on me & give me a candy after I drink it all. LoL!
      Come the 28th, I'll take my usual place under the duvet til the morning of the 1st.  I really hate endings.......

The Grandee