Friday, December 23, 2011

For All Dancers!

Really Great info for all dancers

Friday, December 16, 2011

In The Season

Hay Y'all! It's that time again to be Jolly & Giving. I'm still shopping & sending, but a few will be late in arriving. LoL!

Twas the night before X-Mas & all through the week,most classes are finished, except for the REAL KEEN! 
Out here in Hong Kong, we try to prepare, with Shimmies & Veils, the best ever seen.
We've Haflas, & mini sets, Dinners & parties! 'Cause All will be there, including our mommies!

Have a Rousing Great Yule Tide! See Y'all Next Year  ;^D

                       Floating Lotis Dancers @ Tsuen Wan City Hall 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Near End

Hi Girls!
It's near the end of the year & things are slowing down for us. HKCT students will have  a performance with the Rendezvous Arts Studio on Sun, Oct. 30th. I'll ne clad for the rest. LoL! The ladies are great for beginners. We have a new student for our C'way Bay class, making it 5. NOW we've added CHAIR DANCE. My Poor Legs! LoL! The girls love it  ;^D
More later....

Monday, August 8, 2011

Safety First! Belly Dancers, Back Bends & Hair Tosses - Belly Dancing, Belly Dancers, Belly Dance Hot Topics

 Hi Girls! This is from Dilara Sultan's Page on Face Book.  I just HAD to post this, It's Very Good Advice!

Do backbends and hair tosses—minus the pain
You’ve seen these classic moves from graceful belly dancers: They toss their hair by swinging their heads back and forth. Or they get into these awesome backbends that it almost hurts to look at them. And you’ve probably thought: Does it hurt for them, too?
“Backbends do look great, but I stopped doing them because they do put pressure on your lower back and there could be problems down the road,” belly dancer Lisa DiMeglio shares. “I decided they just are not worth the risk. As for the hair slinging, I always get a stiff neck no matter how much I stretch.”
belly dancer, belly dancing, head tossesThe answer: Backbends and hair-tossing can hurt, especially when the dancers are not careful or when they don’t do these moves properly. One thing most dancers should build up on is strength—in their neck, back, legs, and abdomen. Basically, in the whole body.
Polynesian dancer Tiana Tina Cravens points out, “We do backbends in our Kahiko dances and I found [that] if my leg muscles and lower back muscles were strong, I didn't have a problem. But I can't do these dances without working [these muscles]; if I did my back would kill me!”

Fellow dancer Shaula Trapani agrees with Tiana. “Strong legs and a strong core are the key, as well as working on not just the flexibility of the lower back but the upper back as well.”
So how do you build up strength in these areas? Exercising can help strengthen the neck and core muscles (the muscles of your abs and back that help support the spine). Isometric neck exercises, which involve muscle contraction against resistance (but muscle length doesn’t change; doesn’t lengthen or shorten), are good.

One popular and very simple neck exercise is the Isometric Side: You place your right hand flat on the side of your head and push your head against the hand, without moving your head, to create tension on neck muscles. Do for 10 seconds and do several repetitions, including the other side.
Core strengthening exercises are those that target the muscles on the abdomen, obliques, and spine, like your medicinal ball exercises, crunches, bicycles, leg raises, among others. Keeping these muscles strong can prevent some musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. Exercises also improve your posture, and maintaining proper posture when doing back bends and hair tosses help prevent serious injuries.
It’s also just as important to do the movements correctly. Know the proper techniques and do keep a few tips in mind. “When you come up from a back bend, squeeze your glutes,” dancer Sarah Jones Larson shares. “For hair-tossing, warm up your neck with slow circles. Remember when your chin is lifted, do not let the back of the neck crunch.”
Cassandra Whitney adds, “Backbends, laybacks are all about supporting yourself with your abs and knees. To practice, don't go any farther than your abs (only) will support you.” That’s another keyword: practice. Shaula adds, “Practicing every day, [especially] as you get older, is essential.”
Shaula gives another important piece of advice: “Don't push too hard in one day. Work a millimeter at a time.” There is really no reason to push yourself, especially if it hurts. And the moment it begins to hurt, do the most sensible thing: Stop!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Joys & woes

Hay Y'all!,
Had dinner with students / teachers @ Pashas @ K-11 on Sat. Artful dancing by Suzette.  Love being with these ladies.
Would have been a great nite if not for ....."THE BELLY"! The uncontrollable urge for every thing to vacate....all @ once. Must be allergic to some spices  :-/

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Longing for the Good Ol' Days

ARRRRRGGGHHHHH! the quality of service in this supposedly "international" town has gone WAY down. We have to postpone our NEW Monday class ( Tsim Sha Tsui) till next mo. because the lazy bureaucrats (NO ENG?). Imaging trying to hold a barefoot Belly Dance class in a SQUASH room & No Mirror. Unthinkable! I realize this is an OLDER facility... but REALLY!
This town used to be known for being multi cultural / lingual qualities. Especially the TST area.Now it's only Chi in some Gov. agencies (Leisure & Cultural Services). Pity the tourists in coming years. I have no problem in the far flung areas of Tai Po, Tuen Mun, Tsuen Wan. These areas don't have westerners using the Gov. studios & are run smoothly despite my lack of language skills.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Japanese Ladies Belly Dance Class in CWB-Updates

いつも リサベリーダンスワールドのベリーダンスレッスンをご参加をどうもありがとうございます。
2011年4月~2012年3月末までの1年間実施します。 ベリーダンスレッスン代金毎回HKD200/2h から 寄付金HKD100追加。毎回HKD300/2hとさせていただきます。毎月ベリーダンス衣装などの売上代金の20%も 寄付させていただきます。
毎月まとめた寄付金を 日本赤十字を通じて東日本大震災への支援金として寄付いたします
どうぞ よろしくお願いします。
Dear All
Thanks for joining our bellydance calss produced by Lisa Belly Dance World always.
Since the big earthquake and tsunami happened in eastnorth Japan on 11 March 2011! All people got big shock! Japan needs your warm help and support now! We decided to donate to Japan earthquake as following details.
We will take HKD300 each lesson from April 2011. HKD100 will be the donation ! This donation activity will be continued for one year untill March 2012. We will transfer the donation money to Japan Red Cross everymonth and make a report about the donation details to everyone who joined our lesson.
Our next belly dance class will be on 16th Sat April 2011. We are looking forward to seeing you in CWB studio very soon!
Best Reagrds
Lisa リサ 

PS: All Ladies are Welcome

Breaking News

Remember the movie, My Mother Is A Belly Dancer?  It's being shown in the US Belly Dance community. YIPPEE for me since I'm in it.  I'm the one you can just see under the sky blue veil in the long dress. LoL!  This is taken from the DVD cover. A friend & fellow teacher ( Samra Iara) is helping to host it.  Ahhh 2 seconds of semi fame. Giggle  ;^D

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Whats in a Man???

WoW!, On the first day of the Lunar New Year, my Jaw Sow (assistant) got stung by a BEE while defending me. I give him credit....he only repeated 1 bit of profanity. ;-)
Probably my fault since I can't bear to see any life extinguished. And as an Asthmatic, I'm terrified of being stung. How ODD....for someone who refuses my culture, language, & much of what I believe, to accept me as...I Am. To be considered traditional in every way...except for our friendship. While not the only anomaly of my friends, his friendship has been the longest. I've always dreamed of having friends from all over the world. To have us all be able to relax & enjoy each others company without trying to change anything about each other. I'd need limitless funds to accomplish some of what I want, but I believe I have a good start with the friends  have.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Stelar Lunar New Year

Happy Chinese New Year Every One!
 Here's hoping this year will be happy, healthy & prosperous for us all.  We have new classes opening in April in Tsimsy. Hope to fill the room :-) Except for HKCT & Pok Oi, all classes are on holiday for the new year festivities. It usually takes that long for every one to come back from their travels. LoL!  The Cast of "My Mother is a Belly Dancer" will have a reunion this month. YIPPEEEE! It'll be great to see all the girls again. As for myself.... I'll tell you when it happens ;^D 
Ta for now!