Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Saturday, December 3, 2016


WoW!  Here we are at years end....again.  It's been a rocky one for me. Mother Nature has declared  that the body needs a holiday....For REAL this time. Just 2 classes per week. Take 1 & teach 1. I'll just have to be happy with Tea dates, Movies, visiting friends. 
     Standard western medicine has made a hash of things for years. I started taking Chinese Herbal Teas. It's been about 5 months & I have seen improvement. I took in a show on sat & had to mountain climbing to get there. HK is very "hilly". Not only were my joints & limbs OK the next day, my breathing was better than usual. By that I mean no extra meds to keep it normal. The formula changes every week, so it's more in tune with what's going on with my body.  That said, I also add tissue salts when needed & supplements. There's just "so much" vitamin C I can take from citrus fruits.
      If the Dr's would put the dry herbs in capsules, I'm sure their popularity would soar.  Some of the concoctions taste so vile  😝 they often have pity on me & give me a candy after I drink it all. LoL!
      Come the 28th, I'll take my usual place under the duvet til the morning of the 1st.  I really hate endings.......

The Grandee

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Belly Tips

Hay Y'all,
I found this floating around my mail. It's a great share!

Good ideas to make your own :-D  ENJOY!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fans For the Heat

Hay Y'all!  Just thought I'd share a bit of my class with you. The Girls love to work with props. silk Fans are colourful and easy. This is a demo for a private class. It looks great with as many as you can fit into your class  :-D

At the moment I only have Private & semi private classes. If you want to set up a group class, just let me know  :-D

Bye For Now!