Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pok Oi Lunar New Year Show - 09

2009 has gotten off to a nice start with the Pok Oi show. They even asked to keep our banner. Great for me since it's my first try @ this type of design. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to every one who helped me get it together. As well as those who worked so hard with the performance.

The ladies in the blue & red wraps are the Pok Oi students. The girl in the blue pant set is a new addition to the Intermediate class. Of course there's Emily & I'm kitted out in black. We're lucky to get this many on the new year when so many are out of town for the festivities with their families.

Hope you like the clip of the show. This is the first Belly dance show the ladies have performed. I hope they'll continue with us this year, & perform in many shows.

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