Thursday, December 20, 2012

12/21 - Down Time

Dec. 21st, 2:50AM  ( DOWN TIME )

AHhhhh.....  No tremors, landslides, falling objects? Great! Even the air is reasonably clean today. Although the ol' Tum is a wreck, but that's an everyday thing.  :-)

Saw Breaking Dawn 2. Awesome as expected. I may even see it again! They did the book proud!

WoW! This year has flown by & I still feel like I've done nothing.I have managed to change my music. The girls are keeping up. My newest class are returnees from 10 mos. ago. I'll have to find some good stretches to ease the kinks from these desk workers. :-)  Sorry to say I'll have to figure out a way to fit RAQS into that awful Gang Nam Style dance. YUCK!!!  But that's what's popular now. SIGH!

Still fighting with the computer. Sometimes the apps work, sometimes not. Good way to off the deep end. Can't complain to much. I can study on it.  :-((

Spoke to my eldest ON HER Birthday. So good to hear her voice....but something's up & she won't talk.  Nothing changes much......

DRAT!! Don't use Le Ker Cholesterol relaxer. It strips the hair. Organic Root Stimulator Relaxer works so much better than the rest of the stuff on the market. Motions was fair, & I've tried to use other alternatives, & get burned every time. There's no more Wella Cholesterol to repair the hair. WHY do they always discontinue the really great ones? Had a great ionic conditioner out here, & that's gone too.
Now I'll have to keep it in 1001 braids till it grows out a bit.

And that's pretty much what I've done with my year.  Hope the New Year brings you all your expectations.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hay Y'all! The end of the year is near & so are the classes. One new one to far. Waiting on 5 more. Time will tell  ; ^D

Here's a bit of Holiday Feeling from Me to All of you ...In The Ether!