Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tsing Yi

Well...things have slowed down @ seasons end. Tsing Yi classes are still on & we may add Hula.
Still not many in the class, but with Emily & I teaching, it may pick up by Feb.

Rend.Arts for HKCT is still a bit slow. I don't think we'll perform this year. Not many to make a good showing. I prefer at least 8 - 12 on a big stage. It's a pity HKCT doesn't encourage an upgrade in the class. HK people will go for the discount & expect to move forward. Unfortunately each new class has so many new students, we stay @ basics with an easy chore. The new book is out at last for the new schedule. I hope we can have a children's class soon. ;-)

Loft Stage is doing well. New students have enrolled. Luckily one was in classes I taught @ The Academy For Performing Arts. That was at least 5 years ago ! WoW, glad she loves the dance.
She's up to my girls level, so I hope she'll perform with us by next year.

Costuming is still a nightmare. Making, Cleaning, Repairing, Seeing that there's enough styles for at least 4 dances. SIGH! Teachers work is never done. Hay...That means I'll never be out of work ;-))

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