Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oct. 12, 2008
Aaahhh...What a day!
All these lovely "babies" It would have been heaven for me if I could have played with them all ;-P
The Troupe was invited to perform for the event & we were well received. The wind was horrendous for the first part. Veils & veil fans just wouldn't obey! Thankfully the skirts were heavy or they'd have been around our ears! LoL Forget about the cane dance. I'd need to nail it down for it to have stayed on in that wind. All in all the second part made the day. Only hand scarves & no one dropped any ;-)
We've been invited for the X-Mas event too. Hope the girls are up to the task. As a benefit, this one has my heart. We even got a few ladies up to try a shimmy or two.
Hope we can gather a larger crowd next time


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