Sunday, April 30, 2017


Greeting Divas!

This in from SHIRA.NET

DANCE TIP: CONNECTING WITH YOUR AUDIENCE. Most of our belly dance practice is done in studios and our homes. In that environment, our gaze naturally reaches only to the nearest wall. Or, worse yet, the gaze focuses on the instructor's hips and feet, which is an even shorter focal point than the wall, plus it draws your eyes downward. So what happens when we perform? Our focus often stays at the distance we're accustomed to practicing - just a few feet in front of us, and maybe even down a bit. It stops short of reaching the audience and connecting with them.
Look for ways to practice where you can see outdoors, and then practice making your gaze reach out to a tree, a flower, a car, or whatever is some distance from you. Practice locking in your focus on that tree, as if it were an audience member. Make your eyes accustomed to connecting with an object (or person) that's at a bit of distance from you.
What you do in practice is what you will naturally do in performance. So look for ways to practice reaching out to your audience.

Sage advice Y'all!

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