Thursday, October 2, 2014

Through FuFi's Scrying  Glass.

How's this for high on the weirdo meter of DREAMS........

I was a tour guide for Miles Davis...In Tokyo, looking like....Hong Kong...With New York stores, set in Old Style shopping malls from an old dream.

I know I was me NOW, because I felt like ME now, but sometimes morphed down to 120 lbs.     go figure!

We finally got him to his Cantonese. Guests were Japanese. I know because I had to clear the hall & I spoke Japanese....Fluently 
( LoL!! )

The few who remained were having tea. Then I saw my Dad. As I tried to get his attention ( I can't speak til he does ), he said " I saw that".

Of course you KNOW I awoke then. SIGH! I won't know if it's prophetic til it returns & points out what I'm missing. My dreams do that from time to time. Until then, I'll just enjoy my leaf & hope my next Morph will be to join Absolum.      TA!

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