Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hi All!  Just sharing a glowing compliment from a fellow dancer / teacher. It's the first time some one has acknowledged what WE of the ROUND DNA are up against. 
BRAVO Basma, Keep up the great work! 

Sorry there's no picture....everything I own has "gremlin" problems lately........

I've just been given a tremendous compliment & want to share it. Basmah is from my home town of Brooklyn NY. Thank you for such a glowing review! I hope to see some of YOUR work soon too ;^D

Basmah el Enabrim • I know Brandy from FB, and her Brilliant sense of humor! I imagine it must be very diificult teaching Middle Eastern Dance in Asia, because the ideal feminine body is so different. Examle, I always wanted to grow up to be Asian, and have a willowy frame, graceful slim hips, and look dynamite in a cheongsam! I have 2 cheongsams, custom made. which I have passed down to my niece. Gone are the days when I weighed 105!

LOL. Nope. I am stuck with the big bust , belly and backside that comes with my DNA.
Teaching in Asia must be hard, first because of the cultural norm, that Ladies do not swing their hips, let alone shake them up for shimmies.
Then getting students to 'let go' of their bodies in order to free up the isolations shimmies and muscle discipline, must be very hard.

Hats off to you Brandy! I've seen photos of your Troupe and they are Beautiful! Any chance you will post a video, or have one onYouTube we might see? I teach many Asian women, and it is Not an easy job, for the reasons I cited above.

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